Bond Heart Necklace

The smart necklace where you keep and feel your loved ones heartbeats. Works independently of the phone. You just need one!




How it works

Store the heartbeats

Keep them close and store the heartbeats of the ones you love

Feel their heartbeats

Hold the pendant and feel their heartbeats when you miss them

Heartbeats library

Hold the pendant and feel the heartbeats without an internet connection. Your Bond Heart mimics the heartbeats stored within. Feel it, anytime, anywhere.

Record heartbeats

Upload and request the heartbeats of your loved ones through the app, pairing the Bond Heart with a smartphone using Bluetooth.

Power to your heart

Never miss a beat, with a battery life that lasts up to 21 days with normal use.

Store all the heartbeats in one app

Upload and request heartbeats of your loved ones through the Bond Touch app.

What's in the box

1 Loop + Chain

1 Heart

1 Charger


What is Bond Heart?

Bond Heart is a modern day reinterpretation of a locket. Instead of a photo, it allows a heartbeat to be uploaded and stored. When holding the pendant it vibrates mimicking the heartbeat stored. It is the perfect gift for the one you love, or even a gift for yourself, helping you to feel connected to the ones you love by feeling their heartbeat, anytime anywhere.

How does Bond Heart work?

Bond Heart allows you to record your heartbeat by using your smartphone’s camera and flashlight. When you cover these with your finger, the variations in color tone on the surface of your skin caused by your heart pumping blood through your body allows the camera to identify the pattern of your heartbeat. The recorded heartbeat can then be transferred to your loved one’s smartphone via the Bond Touch app and uploaded to the pendant via Bluetooth.

How do I record a heartbeat?

You can record a heartbeat in the Bond Touch app or the companion app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Simply go to the Bond Heart section and follow the instructions on your screen when prompted to record the heartbeat. Note that the recording process works best in a dark room. Remain still and don’t move your phone around as ambient light differences will affect the recording process. Place your finger gently on top of your smartphone’s camera until the flashlight and the camera are completely covered. If the flashlight is hot, place your finger 2mm (the thickness of a 5-cent coin) away from the light, covering the camera.

I bought a Bond Heart for myself. How do I request the heartbeat of my loved one?

To request someone else’s heartbeat, you first need to install the Bond Touch app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Go to the Bond Heart section where you will have the option to send a heartbeat request and you will be required to to input the phone number of the person you want a heartbeat from. That person will then receive a phone notification that will guide them to record their heartbeat via the companion app (or Bond Touch app if they have their own Bond Heart or another Bond Touch product) and send it back to you. You will then receive a phone notification where you can save that person’s heartbeat to your own heartbeat library and transfer it to your Bond Heart.

How do I feel a heartbeat on the Bond Heart?

To feel a heartbeat, simply hold the pendant on both sides and it will start vibrating the pattern of the stored heartbeat. When you no longer want to feel the heartbeat, simply let it go and it will stop vibrating.

Do I need an Internet connection for it to work?

Once the heartbeat is uploaded to the pendant, it can play the heartbeat anytime and anywhere without an internet connection! An internet connection is only necessary when recording a heartbeat into the Bond Touch App or when sending it to another person’s heartbeat library. You will also need your Bond Heart to be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to upload a heartbeat to the Bond Heart.

How many pendants come in the box? How many pendants do I need?

Each box comes with one Bond Heart pendant, chain and charger. This is all you need to store and playback back a loved one’s heartbeat! If you and your loved one want to feel each other’s heartbeat you will need to purchase 2 pendants, one for each other. Please note Bond Heart works as a standalone product, meaning that the necklace works independently and does not communicate with other Bond Heart necklaces.

Can I record the heartbeats of multiple people?

Yes! You can have multiple heartbeats on your heartbeat library! However, only one heartbeat can be stored on your pendant at a time. If you want to switch the heartbeat stored on your Bond Heart, you can do so in the heartbeat library on the app.

Can I connect Bond Heart with my Bond Touch Bracelet?

Bond Heart and Bond Touch Bracelets come from the same family of emotional wearable products but they are not compatible with each other.